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Radio Campaigns

An avid radio (and now-podcast) listener, Stewart Ikeda has really enjoyed professionally planning, scripting and occasionally voicing radio spots or whole series as parts of larger, multi-channel content marketing  and branding strategies, including a few fun-to-produce samples below.

  • Radio Advice Series: Country Travel Discoveries' "Wanderings" Travel Tips
    Planned, wrote and voiced a series of travel advice vignettes airing on Milwaukee's WRIT Oldies 95.7 rock radio station and streaming on iHeart Media. Intended to provide short insights to help listeners get better satisfaction and value out of their leisure time and travel dollar, the series comprised rotating spots on straightforward themes, "Be Your Own Group Travel Leader," "Be a Tourist in Your Own Backyard," and "What a Good Tour Operator Should Do for You".

  • Radio Branding Campaign: NPR/Regional Wisconsin Public Radio
    To promote a new guided group tour of rural Wisconsin sites, planned a year-long public radio radio/web/event sponsorship campaign, aligned with the anniversary of Wisconsin's statewide public radio -- and the nation's oldest public radio station. Campaign combined sponsor reads on heavy rotation, web loyalty rewards, sponsorship of special events such as local taping of the On Point Listening Tour with Tom Ashbrook, and ultimately a co-branded WPR commemorative anniversary tour.

  • V-Discs Music Collection Spots
    Scripted :30, :60 and :90 second spots for this direct-response campaign for a music collectibles series, the WWII-era "V-Discs" series. These broadcasts to the "boys on the front" from top stars like the Andrews Sisters, Bing Crosby, Hoagy Carmichael, Duke Ellington, and many more made for an amazing series of spots rich with nostalgic voices and sounds of "the Greatest Generation". Unfortunately, no know digital recordings remain, but you can read about these historic recordings here.

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