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A former professor of English and ethnic studies, Stewart Ikeda has been a featured speaker and instructor at conferences, workshops, multimedia presentations, classrooms, and organizational gatherings nationwide. Several of his speaking engagements focused on topics ranging from equal opportunity in the workplace to civil liberties, political identity to cultural traditions, and multicultural media and emerging markets.



  • Host, Asian Pacific Americans for Progress National Townhall on Hate Crimes Teleconference, Activist Discussion House Party, Milwaukee, 2008

  • Guest Speaker, Making the Most of Diversity Recruitment & Outreach, Professional Development Webinar Series, 2007

  • Panel Speaker, Asian American Studies Teach-In, hosted by JACL, JASC, Asian American Coalition Committee, Chicago, IL, 2006

  • Panel Speaker, "Race and Class in Media Coverage of Hurricane Katrina", University of Ohio - Athens, Scripps School of Journalism, 2005

  • Panel Moderator, "Governance in Virtual Communities," University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Center for International Studies, Milwaukee, WI 2005

  • Workshop leader, Midwestern Asian American Student Union Conference, Ann Arbor, MI, 2005

  • Workshop leader, Writing for Multicultural Audiences, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee School of Continuing Education Writers Festival, Milwaukee, WI 2005

  • Panel Speaker, National Conference: Improving Data Quality on Asian Americans, U.S. Census Bureau Asian Advisory Committee, Oakland, CA 2004

  • Workshop leader, Multicultural Education Faculty Development Workshop, Episcopal Academy of Philadelphia, PA 2003

  • Panel speaker, online media and ethnic politics breakout session, Race in Digital Space 2.0 Conference by MIT, UC Santa Barbara, and USC, L.A., CA 2002

  • Featured Speaker, "Working in Online Ethnic Media", University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Journalism & Mass Communications, 2000

  • Panel speaker, Transforming Barbed Wire. Arizona Humanities Council conference on WWII internment and civil liberties, Phoenix, AZ 1998

  • Panel speaker, Multicultural Publishing, Publishers Marketing Association Meeting, Chicago ABA Conference, 1997

  • Featured Speaker, Whispered Silences: Japanese American Internment Exhibit, Smithsonian/Twin Cities JACL, Minneapolis, MN 1997

  • Speaker, Topics in Multicultural Education, Wisconsin Union Directorate Diversity Conference, University of Wisconsin,Madison, WI 1996

  • Featured Speaker, Conscience & Intolerance, Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies, Philadelphia, PA 1996

  • Panel Speaker, Cultural Identity panel, Diversity Training Conference, University of Wisconsin, Madison WI 1995

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