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Multichannel Marketing & Communications

Stewart Ikeda provides strategic marketing and communications leadership for businesses and organizations in industries ranging from publishing and recruitment to travel and education.

He has planned and managed advertising and content marketing campaigns in print, TV and radio broadcast, direct mail, and digital media; cultivated content syndication and group sales partnerships; created new online sales and subscription models; managed creative and e-commerce vendors; and developed brand identities for new product lines and businesses.

Sample Portfolios

Print Publishing & Marketing Communications

Concepted, planned, managed, edited or hands-on implemented scores of magazines, catalogs, brochures, flyers, posters, calendars, promotional newsletters, space ads, advertorials, and direct mailers for commercial, nonprofit, educational and political organizations.

TV, Commercial and Web Video

Concepted, scripted, hired and managed creative contractors for informational videos and promotional video ads for web streaming and live presentations, and developed user-contributed content strategies to promote social sharing and reputation enhancement.

Radio and Audio

Planned, wrote, managed vendors and talented, and occasionally voiced radio spots, infomercials, as well as contest, station sponsorship and other radio content marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness, customer loyalty, and direct response sales.

Web Advertising, Events & Promotions

Planned, built and managed dozens of websites; digital banner, content, search and retargeting campaigns both as advertiser and media ad seller using platforms and tools including AdWords, Facebook, Bing, Doubleclick, Banman Pro. Created online marketplace, webinar and virtual job fairs events.


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