A Farewell to Glimmer Train Press

April 27, 2018

I just got a notice that Glimmer Train Stories is wrapping up soon after 30 years of publication. I have a soft spot for this attractive little journal, which I felt from the start had a very different, and dare I say refreshingly feminine feel. Watercolors, pastels, hand-drawn story illustrations, author child photos...casual warmth in an industry marked by minimalism or much dour self-seriousness. The two sisters published some of my earliest stories and interviews as a young writer, and I appreciated their dedication.


Over the years, I had placed with them not only my own stories, such as a nostalgic favorite, "Roughie," but also interviews with other favorite writers such as Charles Baxter, and even my baby pictures with my mom! :)


I wish Susan and Linda the best and thank them for so many years of stories!




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