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Announcing the Launch of New Country Travel Discoveries

Pleased to announce the soft-launch of the all-new website. It's been completely overhauled for the first time since I designed the version 1.0 on a custom Joomla installation for the company's start-up period back in 2012.

Yes, it was time to step up to a more mobile responsive, graphically attractive, less text-intensive design -- but that was really only part of the impetus. Having transitioned from Director of Marketing into a transitional senior director role overseeing special marketing IT projects, I've enjoyed the freedom and distance this time to step back and really think more holistically about the company's entire online ecosystem.

Rather than cobbling together a hodge-podge of apps and forcing their integration, as one tends to do in a startup environment, it's been nice to be able to strategically plan efficiencies in how the online reservations systems used by Operations, web metrics, sales tracking, lead generation, CRM and email push functions can all be more tightly integrated along with the front end in one more easily managed solution.

In this case, we chose to work with the the Iowa-based Applied Art & Technology, which had recommended developing the site and integrated features in the Adobe Business Catalyst environment.

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