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Video Samples

As Marketing Director for Country Travel DISCOVERIES, Stewart Ikeda implemented video promotions strategies to expand the company's reach beyond its traditional reliance on print and direct mail promotions.

He worked with the award-winning TriMarq Agency to plan and produce a detailed company branding video for retail audiences.

A B2B infomercial format targeting professional and quasi-professional private travel group leaders was displayed on American Airlines in-flight, distributed to group sales leads, and displayed at private group sales presentations




Ikeda also implemented a series of inexpensively produced webvideo ads to support promotion of specific tour products.











Outside of explicit promotional use, Ikeda strategized video use as a means to strengthen CTD's customer relationships on social media. Facebook Live video blogs by company staff gave customers insight into the behind-the-scenes process of researching tour stops.












Ikeda also introduced customer-created video content as a means of collecting compelling real-world testimonials and strengthening customer affinity, as in a series of short videos by frequent travelers Ruth & Les Christiansen.






Ikeda strengthened the company's brand and promoted key trip products regionally through a series of sponsored TV segments aired over two years on the Milwaukee market's popular morning variety talk program, The Morning Blend.


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